What is a tea ceremony?

So…. what is tea ceremony? A casual google search or glance on Wikipedia may make you think it’s ‘just’ a cultural or traditional activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of tea often ‘performed’ in China or Japan. It can be!  but it can also be so much more. For me and for many others, […]

New Year Resolution – 2018

This year (2017) I set out with the intention of exploring mindfulness teaching in Wakefield. After three years teaching around Leeds, it felt right to explore options more locally – Leeds has lots of good centres and teachers where mindfulness and meditation can be explored in many different flavours. Two things happened very quickly. I […]

Mindfulness in Wakefield

Earlier this year I decided to try developing some mindfulness teaching in Wakefield. During my training as a teacher I was lucky to have a number of places to teach, mostly in Leeds, but no opportunities came up nearer to home. So, having found a relatively cheap space to rent I took a risk and […]