Introduction to Buddhism

Modern mindfulness teaching draws upon many contemplative traditions, most notably Buddhist traditions. Mindfulness teaching usually takes a secular perspective, to make it applicable to all irrespective of religious beliefs, but it honours its roots – Bangor University teach a Buddhist Foundation course as part of their Masters in Mindfulness Programme.

This 8 week programme is an exciting opportunity to explore a range of Buddhist teachings and practices, gain an understanding of how they can positively impact your life, and plan for how to develop your practice and live better. Each week we will explore a new topic, from the Buddha’s story, to meditation, karma, and compassion. There will be opportunities for meditation, discussions, and questions, and a visual presentation.

You don’t need to have any prior experience or understanding to benefit from this course, and you are not expected to follow any of the practices though you will be encouraged to try them. So whether you have an established mindfulness or other meditation practice, or just want to find out more about Buddhism, do come along.

The class will be led by Dawn Gothard and Lynne Dowson.  Starting Monday 13th January for 8 weeks.

Suggested donation £7 which will be shared between Mindfulness Wakefield and Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds