New Year Resolution – 2018

This year (2017) I set out with the intention of exploring mindfulness teaching in Wakefield. After three years teaching around Leeds, it felt right to explore options more locally – Leeds has lots of good centres and teachers where mindfulness and meditation can be explored in many different flavours.

Two things happened very quickly. I found a room near the town centre at a very reasonable rent. Then Eastmore Community Centre invited me to run a weekly course. So this year I taught three light, introductory courses, one MBSR, one all day practice event, and established a regular sitting group.

The sitting group seems to fill an important role. There are those who want to dip their toes and find out a bit more before committing to a course, and there are those wanting to continue to explore mindfulness on a regular basis after completing a course or previous meditation training. Oddly, this mix seems to work very well, and new members to the group bring fresh perspectives. And everyone finds meditating with a group beneficial.

So what resolution for 2018?

I think that more of the same is a good intention, and to see how it unfolds.

We now have a quiet space conducive to meditation and teaching small groups. There is a small but growing community of enthusiasts. It is probably best to just let things unfold.

Late last year Roo started to run Tea Meditations, and it would be good to see more of this, and other related activities. Personally I shall be doing some training in Mindfulness and Compassion in January, and it will be good to explore how elements that could be introduced. Also, I am involved with a national organisation that supports mindfulness teachers in their professional development, and that is developing as an important resource.

Resolutions are often goal-based. But they can be intention-based. Setting a direction of travel and enjoying each step of the journey rather than choosing a destination and focusing on it is a different perspective, and often more mindful.

So this year, in Wakefield, the resolution is to water the green shoots and see what grows. And to enjoy the journey step by step.



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