Tea Ceremony

Photo by Joanne Crawford

Drinking tea in ceremony and quiet meditation provides us with that (important) space to slow down and relax. It helps us to feel present and still, and in the moment.

This ancient ritual of gathering together, steeping tea leaves in water and drinking mindfully, connects us to ourselves, each other and nature.

It is through this ‘magic’ of drinking tea in ceremony that we start seeing the beauty in the ordinary and everyday.

Community Tea Ceremonies currently take place once a fortnight: check our calendar from the menu above.


Tea ceremony is offered on a sliding scale donation basis with a minimum suggested donation of £5. Payment to be made on the day.

(I will try to accommodate everyone with all kinds of income and lifestyle, so if you would like to donate a different amount or suggest a non monetary barter please contact me to discuss).

Looking forward to sharing a bowl with you.