Mindfulness is often perceived as very much about attention and thinking, but it is much more than that. Attitudes are core, and cultivating a compassionate attitude to yourself and others is a key aspect of cultivating mindfulness.

This is a great explanation of the the importance of cultivating self-worth. To find out more about Kristin Neff’s work, visit

Jon Kabat-Zinn has been a leader in the mindfulness field since the 1970’s, and arguably his work has been essential in the development of mindfulness as it is expressed today.

Shauna Shapiro introduces mindfulness as a combination of intention, attention and attitude.

Paul Gilbert has been a leader in the use of compassion in the treatment of mental health issues.

Part of any mindfulness course involves exploring our attitudes and cultivating certain attitudes. Jon Kabat-Zinn here introduces nine foundational attitudes to explore in mindfulness practice and everyday life.

Thupten Jinpa introduces compassion. He has led the development of Compassion Cultivation Training at Stanford University. 

Another talk by Kristin Neff