Safe Space Policy

Mindfulness is a way of exploring and sharing ways of dealing with life, its joys and its difficulties. It is our intention, at Mindfulness Wakefield, to create a safe space for people to practice meditation and mindfulness and to share their experiences. Therefore, we ask everyone to abide by these simple rules:

  • Please arrive on time for the start of a session. If you are unavoidably late, please come in quietly and join the group.
  • If there is anything about a practice, exercise or discussion that you are uncomfortable with, do not follow it. Do not do anything that is likely to cause you distress.
  • If you need anything for your own comfort, please sort yourself out. There are blankets and cushions provided. If you need the bathroom at any time, just take time out.
  • People will be invited from time to time to share their experiences. Please treat anything that is shared as confidential and do not discuss it with others.
  • No-one is obliged to share their experiences – you are welcome to just listen.
  • Respect others privacy and space. Do not engage in private conversations with someone about anything they share in the group sessions, unless you know them well.
  • Respect people‚Äôs differences, and avoid giving advice unless it is asked for.
  • If you are going to leave the session before the end, please let the tutor(s) know.
  • If there is anything you think the tutor(s) should know, or anything that is causing you concern, please speak to them privately if necessary.
  • Please respect the environment we are working in. Put away anything you use.